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Die Heroen der Nord Polar Forschung... [23 Aug 2025|12:15am]
[ mood | flirty ]

... is probably not a good title for a 'Friends only post' ;)

If you can deal with me being not the best commenter, as I am still on my "on and off" hiatus, because of crazy Uni work and work, then by all means, please comment to be added! :D
Just to point out though, I might have written a fic or two, but they will not be posted to this journal. This is entirely RL only, with the random splash of fannish glee over musicians etc.

I saw, that a lot of "Friends only posts" include a paragraph on friending policy so yeah, I suppose this is, where I should tell you, what gets you friended or unfriended, that is, if I can even be arsed to edit my friends to unfriend somebody ;) The thing is, I don't have a friending policy and I doubt, that I'll ever have one. All of my posts are f-locked, because I don't exactly fancy sharing my private life with everyone on the net.

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Everything is Hiddles and nothing hurts! [14 May 2012|11:28am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So, after rewatching Thor for the nth time yesterday and then gushing about it at random people's journals, I realised that I want/need more Loki and Hiddleston fans on my f-list and while stalking people who left effusive sounding comments on other people's journals seems like a viable option at this point, it is admittedly slightly creepy.

Loki/Tom Hiddleston Friending Meme

Pimp it!

This is how it'll go, fill in the form, post it in a comment and then if you feel like it, pimp this everywhere.

Warnings: There will most likely be spoilers for ANYTHING Loki and Hiddles related in the comments.

x-posted at hp_add_me and many other places, I apologise for the f-list spam.

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